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What is the Credit Xpert program?
The Credit Xpert program is a 2-day webinar where we teach you how to open and sustain a successful credit business. Our program is the most comprehensive program on the market and we decided to share that with aspiring entrepreneurs.
Will I learn how to do credit in this program?
Yes, you will learn fundamentals of credit repair along with how to spot FCRA law violations by the bureaus.
What is the program cost?
The program cost is $3500. However, you only need to make a $500 down payment to reserve your spot in the class. Once the down payment has been made, we will set you up on a payment plan to pay of the remaining balance of $3000.
Can I make payments?
Yes, after you make your down payment. We will follow up with you within 3 business days to set up your custom payment plan.
How long is the training?
The course is a 2-day class.
Where can I take this class?
This is a live online Webinar. You will be given access using a unique code 5 business days prior to the class date.
Is this class recorded for later review?
. You will be given all the necessary resources and will be given access to our alumni Network.
How long will it take for me to start making money?
It depends entirely on your effort. Many of our students have clients lined up before taking our class and start making money within 30 days. Others take a little longer based on their personal schedules. Your success after this program is based on your unique circumstances and how much work you put into this.